Volvo Prick Video

I’ve created this video to accompany my track from the 2010 Structural Damage Compiltation 2.


New Music!

Cast your eyes to the right and you’ll see I’ve added a music player literally packed with Nailbomb Cults tracks for you to listen to, including a bunch of exclusive unreleased demos. Go listen!


Splitterblast 25 – When Noise Replaces Life

Splitterblast 25 - When Noise Replaces Life cover

I’m really pleased to have a track on the new compilation from Splitterblast Records ‘V.A. – When Noise Replaces Life’!

The compilation also features 18 tracks from artists like Noisefucker, Passenger of Shit and an amazing 11 minute track from the extraordinary Speedcore Front OST Berlin that’s worth the download alone.

It is available for free download from the Splitterblast Records Website.


Structural Damage Compilation 2

The irrepressible Structural Damage Records has released a brutal compilation of metal/punk/breakcore-mashups, and it features an exclusive Nailbomb Cults track ‘Volvo Prick’.

Structural Damage Records Compilation 2 Cover

  1. Digicore – The Guilty Masses
  2. Feuh – Fucking Asshole
  3. Danny Carnage – Harder Better Faster
  4. Miss Helium – La Star Du Systeme
  5. Sinister Black – Punk Out With Your Junk Out
  6. The Nailbomb Cults – Volvo Prick
  7. Ricin Curb – Mummy Molested Me
  8. Hellboy – To Disappear
  9. Dirty Drugs – Money Makes the World Go Wrong
  10. Nmesme – Respirator
  11. Stazma – Big Insect Ship
  12. Duran Duran Duran – Ghetto Ghaggers
  13. MeLODIK PiNPON – Fuis Moi Chte Suis, Suis Mois Chte Fui
  14. Ironska – Shadow Boxing
  15. Non Human – Weepy Rastaman is Looking for More Weirdcore

It’s available as a Free Download from the Structural Damage website.

There is also a Nailbomb Cults tracks on the first Structural Damage compilation, released January 2009.


Website Relaunch & New Free Mix

After hosting problems earlier in the year Nailbombcults.co.uk is back, redesigned and ready to mess things up!

All my older releases are back up in the Releases section, and to celebrate the relaunch I’ve posted an exclusive new 73 minute FREE mix of gabber, frenchcore and speedcore (including 3 exclusive new Nailbomb Cults tracks) mixed specially for the new website. Hold on to your hats, it gets brutal, definately NFP! Now go for it.


Coming Soon

The new Nailbomb Cults website is currently under development but will be launching soon.

– Will (Nailbomb Cults)